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Bruno Morano the story

Bruno Morano 15/09/1980

How it al started

He was born in Naples on 15/09/1980. Bruno Morano A real chef from Napels like his father and grandfather who where also chef cooks. Bruno was 13 years old when he started helping in the kitchen of his teachers and he learned there to deal with pressure and got the necessary experience. He went to study at the Hospitality School in Naples and after graduation he went to Rimini as chef in restaurant Taverna Degli Artisti.

World traveler

After this important and useful work experience Bruno was driven by curiosity to travel and he found new cities and new places where he would like to work and to live. In 2000 he came to Amsterdam, he worked in D'Antica and after that in Cinema Paradiso. During this period, the well-known culinary came recensist Johannes Van Dam in the restaurant and gave 9.5 to Bruno's cooking. After this valuable experience is in Restaurant Toscanini and Bruno Dal Barone started as chef and is recognized and valued by all his guests. And from 2011 to the present day in Restaurant "Libero"

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Bruno Morano, Chef

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